We’ve got it! – PV consulting for Kopalnia Soli ”Wieliczka” S.A.

For our Client, Kopalnia Soli Wieliczka, we are executing conceptual consulting services including analysis of their power consumption needs and potential solutions to deliver the power from the photovoltaic power plant, to make the mine ever more self-sufficient 🙌

We are checking potential locations for the PV farm and performing technical/economic feasibility studies for each location ☀️ ⚡

Our main activities embrace:
✅ description of the existing condition of the power infrastructure in potential places
✅ the location of the PV power plant
✅ determination of the demand for electricity with the analysis of the purposefulness of using an energy storage solution
✅ analysis of the possibility of using on grid or grid off variants for each location,
✅ determination of technical parameters of basic devices,
✅ definition of necessary civil works for each location,
✅ defining the rules of cooperation with an external grid operator,
✅ description of the PV system layout with information such as:
✔️ constructions for PV panels
✔️ PV panels
✔️ DC / AC switchboard
✔️ cabling
✔️ inverter-transformer station
✔️ internal medium voltage power line,
✔️ auxiliary switchboard
✔️ installation of earthing and equipotential bonding

The result of our works will give the Client a precise ROI factor for each location and help him decide whether or not to start the investment 🤔

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