The Energy from Waste Conference

The world around us is undergoing more and more rapid changes. As a company and private people, we realize that taking care of the environment is becoming a priority in our daily activities. With our actions, we want to support the assumptions of #greenenergy, and we will remind you (and ourselves!) of this. 🌍

To learn more about sourcing energy from waste, no distances or borders will stop us – that’s why our representatives Jakub Stankiewicz and Tomasz Poździk will participate in this year’s edition of the Energy from Waste Conference, which takes place in London. 🎉🎉🎉
It’s great to learn how to look at green energy and related projects from the point of view of investors and partners from all over the world, especially the country in which projects we often cooperate. So far, we have been able to gain experience on many #EfW plants outside of Poland, including in the UK:
☑️ The world’s largest waste incineration plant in Dubai.
☑️ Solid Municipal Waste Disposal Plant in Kemsley, K3,
☑️ WtE Avonmouth,
☑️ EfW Dunbar,
☑️ EfW Gloucester.

Coming up on March 15 and 16, we are eager to share our experiences with Energy from Waste activities and learn new things in shifting feedstock demands and emerging recycling and fuels technologies or investor views about the longer-term outlook of green energy development. 🤔

We hope to see you there! 🙌

👉 For more information on the event:

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