Control and Measurement Projects

Control and Measurement Instruments and Automation, as developed, is a type of installation whose main task is to monitor and manage the course of ongoing processes. The entire system in question consists of various types of sensors, recorders, transducers, as well as other elements that are responsible for measuring key parameters.

The design of instrumentation and control systems is a system of innovative technologies, which is created not only to take measurements, but also to manage and control. Control systems are created in such a way that as many activities as possible can be carried out automatically. Therefore, in control and instrumentation systems, in addition to a well-functioning electrical system, the tools responsible for automation are extremely important. For this purpose, control components are used, which collect measurement data and then, based on this data, give the appropriate commands to the executive elements.

For what purpose control and instrumentation projects are used?

AKPiA is primarily a system in the field of industrial automation, which carries energy efficiency, and also allows for the adjustment of indoor conditions to outdoor conditions. In practice, the use of the AKPiA system brings tangible benefits, such as:

  • reduction of energy consumption of equipment,
  • prolonging the life of the technological installation,
  • financial savings,
  • improved occupational health and safety,
  • reduction of human factor errors,
  • monitoring of technological processes,
  • prevention of unexpected failures of machinery and equipment

We implement projects of control and instrumentation installations for various industries

We have many years of experience in the technical industry. We have provided services for waste incineration plants, power and thermal power plants and various types of industrial plants. Our designers guarantee the high quality of comprehensively executed projects and other services we provide.

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