Technical specification

A technical specification is a document that establishes the technical requirements to be met by a product, process or service. The Decree of the Minister of Infrastructure of September 2, 2004 established a uniform, systematized layout of specifications, which is valid regardless of whether the specifications relate to groups of works, types of works or basic works.

The technical specification is a very important document, frequently required at the stage of joining a tender, as it allows estimating the cost of performing a given product or providing a service, as well as making it possible to set a deadline for the execution of the contract and ensuring proper supervision of its implementation. According to the mentioned regulation, the technical specification should consist of 10 points of the project documentation and contain the elements necessary to determine the standard of the project, such as:

  • characteristics of the product, service, product;
  • technical requirements;
  • quality requirements;
  • requirements related to the principles of manufacturing the product or providing the service;
  • requirements related to safety of use;
  • requirements related to the transportation of elements necessary for production or performance of a service;
  • requirements related to the marking of the product or service;
  • requirements related to the commissioning of the product for use, acceptance rules.
Technical specifications in the construction industry
Technical specifications are a very important element in the implementation of projects in the construction industry. They apply to the manner of execution of construction works and:
  • execution and acceptance of construction works,
  • determining the standard and quality of execution of works,
  • properties of construction products and assessment of the correctness of the execution of individual works,
  • use of construction materials and the conditions of their storage and method of transportation,
  • control, measurements and settlements at each stage of construction works with reference to reference documents etc.
Our offer

We know it well, that it is quite a challenge to independently create a technical specification that meets all sets of technical requirements according to the Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure of September 2, 2004. That is why we are here to help! Ask us for an offer.
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