Grounding installations – types, safety, importance

Grounding installations are an extremely important element in construction and electrical engineering. The purpose of the grounding installation is to ensure the safe reception, dissipation and discharge of electric current. Without a proper and properly executed grounding installation, there is a risk of electric shock and damage to electrical equipment. What is a grounding installation? […]

Electrical Projects

Electrical installation projects are of great importance in any field where electrical installation is necessary. In this article we will discuss the basic information on electrical projects, how to order an electrical installation project, the most important factors to consider when designing, the services offered by Enetecs.  What is the basic information on electrical projects? […]

Emergency lighting installations

Emergency lighting is an extremely important part of a building’s infrastructure that plays a key role in the event of a power failure. In case of a primary lighting outage, emergency lighting automatically activates, providing enough light to safely evacuate people and minimize risks in an emergency. What is emergency lighting all about? What are […]